What Happens When A Man Drinks Methyl Alcohol?

Methyl alcohol is a deadly poison. The more terrible was the outbreak of deaths that swept Russia in 2016. That's when, in Irkutsk alone, 76 people died and more than a hundred were injured because of poisoning by surrogate alcohol bottled with the label «Tincture of hawthorn».
in December 2016, Hawthorn tincture killed 76 people in Russiain December 2016, Hawthorn tincture killed 76 people in Russia
After that, the law on banning the sale of uncertified alcohol was urgently adopted, but alcoholic beverages of unknown origin are sold still illegal on the Internet in cans without identification marks that are counterfeit of vodka, cognac, whiskey. Instead of ethyl (drinkable) alcohol, producers of handicrafts can use deadly and much cheaper methyl.

What happens to the body of a person who has drunk methyl alcohol? Death can occur even from a small dose (just 30 milliliters!) and within 2-3 hours after taking a drink. The first symptoms look like this: first, bright spots and «flies» begin to swim before your eyes, then, there is a fog (until full blindness) occurs.
What happens if you drink methyl alcohol?What happens if you drink methyl alcohol?
At the same time, a person begins to feel sick and it becomes hard in the stomach, salivation increases. The dizziness and headaches start. The pressure rises sharply and then drops at the same way. Shortness of breath arises and the mind becomes confused.

If you drank methanol, this can only be noticed by the symptoms. The taste and smell of methyl alcohol are indistinguishable from ethyl one. Start to pump the stomach (drink plenty of water and induce vomiting) and call an ambulance.
If you drink methanol, You'll probably dieIf you drink methanol, You'll probably die
After two or three days, methanol poisoning passes into the next stage. The patient feels tightness and pressure in the chest, his blood pressure drops. A person sweats a lot, he is usually pale and his lips turn blue. There are violations of breathing.

If methanol poisoning was severe, the third stage is comatose. Man loses consciousness and reflexes, depression of respiration and cardiac activity occurs. On this stage, the fatal ending is most likely.
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