Bear attacked a man in the center of the Siberian city

A young local resident was attacked by a bear late in the evening in the center of the town of Nizhneudinsk, which is located in the Irkutsk region. It happened on October 5, 2017.

The young man was walking down one of the central streets of a small town when a large bear attacked him from behind. The predator slams the manโ€™s back with a paw. Fortunately, other people saw that a bear was wandering along the street, and they called in the vice squad of Rosgvardia. Patrol police, the traffic police, and Rosgvardia arrived in the place and managed to protect the victim from the predator. As a result, the animal was shot. It is noted that the man got off with a few scratches and a great fright.

It remains a mystery how the bear got to people and even wandered around the central streets Nizhneudinskwith almost 35,000 inhabitants.