Jonah Hill Shows Off Weight Loss: Before and After Pictures

Recently, the American comedy star Jonah Hill posted a photo for the first time in a long time. In the picture, the actor seemed very thin and overgrown.

For several months, John's subscribers could not wait for a photo from him on Instagram, so the published picture could not leave them indifferent. To many users, the overgrown and thinner Hill seemed like a homeless person.

By the way, a few months ago, Jonah Hill looked completely different, being in his standard form.
Jonah Hill has changed a lot (new photo - right)
Jonah Hill has changed a lot (new photo - right)
The editors of remind that the star of the films "Macho and the Nerd" and "The Wolf of Wall Street" was even more complete before its widespread popularity - this is proved by his old pictures. In 2019, he again lost weight the actor decided not to stop and lose weight further.
Also, the other day it became known that he broke off the engagement with his beloved. Fans believe that troubles in his personal life could affect his appearance.