Billie Eilish responded to criticism of being bullied for her figure

15 October 2020
Recently, the network got a photo of Billie Eilish, in which she walks down the street in a very "home" form - the girl was dressed in a T-shirt, shorts, and rubber shoes. However, this straightforward footage generated a lot of noise.

The society divided into two camps: Billie's haters began to condemn her naturalness, pointing out overweight and inappropriate appearance in general, another part of the Internet users was amazed at how ordinary “life” photos of celebrities can cause such disgust from the public.
Billie Eilish constantly faces criticism of the figure
Billie Eilish constantly faces criticism of the figure
A couple of days after the scandal (the photos were discussed in almost all social networks), Eilish commented on the incident. The girl reposts a video of her fan, who said that Billy's belly and breasts are all right, and the ideal bodies that users see on Instagram are fake.
The editors of remind that Billie has repeatedly faced criticism of her figure. The singer notes every time that fans should be interested in her vocal abilities and not her appearance.

  • I would rather make love to her body than all of these skinny look like they came out of a concentration camp stick figures that look more like malnourished boys than women anyday. She looks healthy and not anorexic or bulimic. And those trying to shame her are totally mentally ill and would be no fun to be with at all. Billie is the image of a real woman.
    2020-10-18 18:18:42