9 Smallest Musical Instruments Ever

Musical instruments are designed to please the ears with its tune, but not all of them are built to play on. There are instruments that set records due to its small sizes. Find out which musical instruments are the smallest ones. The world of musical instruments also sheltered the art of creating miniature. Some of these small instruments can generate a sound, and the other can only be seen with the electron microscope.
The listings of the smallest famous musical instrumentsThe listings of the smallest famous musical instruments

The Smallest Piano

In 2006, the Sega Toys Company developed the tiny ground piano weighing 5,5 pounds. It fully copies the specifications of all other grand pianos that are used in concerts.
The ground piano weighing 5,5 poundsThe ground piano weighing 5,5 pounds
The Sega grand piano has 88 keys each 0,16 inches wide. The piano sports even hundred digital samples or function of auto play, imitating the most popular music genres.
Hands playing the smallest piano in the world

The Smallest Saxophone

There is a record in saxophones too. The length of the smallest one Bb Soprillo Sax is just 11,81 inches. It is referred to the piccolo class.
Bb Soprillo Sax is a regular musical instrument, not just a miniature copyBb Soprillo Sax is a regular musical instrument, not just a miniature copy

The Smallest Harmonica

The Little Lady produced by Honner is considered the smallest harmonica. Its length is 2 inches and its width is just 0,59 inches. The company presented the instrument like one fitting a keychain and generating the full function harmonica sound.
The Little Lady’s production was started in 19th centuryThe Little Lady’s production was started in 19th century
The Little Lady sports just eight notes covering the octave, what resembles the children harmonica Speedy also produced by Honner. Both harmonicas start with a C-major chord and have the analog principles of playing.

People often buy the Little Lady as an unusual gift for friends prodigiously talented at music.

The Smallest Violin

Talking about the little violins, we can name a few artists’ names as if competing with each other.

This way, the Chinese violinist Chen created a 0,39-inch violin. It is produced from a marple tree and can generate sound. Though, it is hard to play at. It took the master 7 years to build it. He had also created the violins 0,78 and 1,37 inches length.
The tiny violins made by the miniature master from ChinaThe tiny violins made by the miniature master from China
Mikhail Maslyuk from Zhmerynka built a violin 0,35 inches length. He can place six analog violins on the 1-cent coin.

However, the record in producing the small violins belongs to Nikolai Sryadisty from Kiev. He managed to create the instrument 17 times less than Maslyuk’s violin. Its length is just 0,019 inches! The violin easily passes through the needle eye. The most amazing thing is that Sryadisty’s violin consists of fifty pieces like Stradivarius instruments.
The Ukrainian Nikolai Sryadisty created the smallest violin in the globeThe Ukrainian Nikolai Sryadisty created the smallest violin in the globe

The Smallest Cello

In 1973, Eric Meissner constructed a tiny cello 1,6-inch length. The instrument can be played. Its design fully meets the requirements for such kind of instruments.
The smallest cello in the worldThe smallest cello in the world

The Smallest Balalaika

This record also belongs to Nikolai Sryadisty. He managed to construct the smallest balalaika consisting of regular 40 parts. Its strings each is 50 times less than a human hair. The instrument is made of wood.
Micro-balalaika by Nikolai SryadistyMicro-balalaika by Nikolai Sryadisty
He cemented two poppy seed with the spider’s web to decorate his miniature. Besides, he engraved the portrait of balalaika virtuoso Vasily Andreev on the first seed and placed the case of the nano balalaika on the other seed.

The Smallest Guitar

The world can boast a guitar which overall dimensions correspond to the size of a human blood cell or just 10 micrometers. It was created by Harold Craighead and Dustin Carr, the Professors of Applied & Engineering Physics at Cornell University (USA).
The smallest guitarThe smallest guitar
The width of each of six strings is 50 nanometers. It is possible to play the guitar using a laser beam. This is definitely either the smallest or the most expensive guitar in the globe.

The Smallest Harp

In seek of another record, the same scientists at Cornell University have also created the nano harp. For today, it is considered as the smallest string instrument. Its string 50 nanometers in diameter generate the sound of frequency which is too high for the human ear perception (between 15 MHz to 380 MHz). We can only watch its vibration in the electron microscope images.
The smallest harp in the world – a nano harpThe smallest harp in the world – a nano harp

Micronium, the Smallest Musical Instrument in the Globe

In 2010, the students of the University of Twente in Netherlands presented a chip reproducing the pitch of all instruments playing in the symphony orchestra. If to be more exact, the chip consists of hundred nano chips, united in a silicon crystal. The development was named the Micronium.
The Micronium was built using an electron microscopeThe Micronium was built using an electron microscope
Each chip can produce sounds in six keynotes. The Micronium is the first nano instrument that can be heard by a human. However, in this case, it must be connected to the amplifier. The Enschede Conservatory student composed the first sample for the Micronium. You may watch the instrument in the 4:05 minutes of the video and to hear its play at 5:25 minute.
The Micronium’s presentation: the smallest musical instrument in the world
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