Optical Illsuions. Does The Brain Trick Us?

Optical illusions make you doubt your visual abilities.

These are the very pictures that become "magical" and make you think hard when you look closely at them.

There are 25 optical illusions in the photo selection from editors of Zoomboola.com.
These images have gained immense popularity on the Internet, but many of them were created even before people deciphered how they work. The magic of such pictures is that our brain is ready to deceive us at any moment, and it does so when looking at them. Complex visual information obtained from images comes to the brain with a hitch, respectively, he has time for self-deception.
Ebbinghouse illusion - orange circles are actually the same
Ebbinghouse illusion - orange circles are actually the same
Each illusion triggers the visual system differently - through the color swap, false perception of depth, size, and other tricks to which our vision reacts. Take a look at the pictures and check how much your brain is tricking you!